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Traveling to different places is the best way to enjoy your holidays. You can travel different places with your family. But, Goa is the perfect tourist spot in India. Every year large number of visitors not only from India comes to enjoy their vacations in Goa. It is famous for its beaches, carnivals, festivals, nightlife, wildlife, historic monuments and many more. Therefore, Goa is always being the first choice of every tourist. Thus, there is large number of Goa Tour Packages offered by various tour operators.

It is the duty of Goa Tourism to provide you the every facility from the start of your journey to the end. But, there are some important things which you have to consider and carry along with you. Before your journey begins, we have to carry first aid box, photocopies & original passport/visa, copies of other travel related papers, driving license, ATM, credit cards and many more. Even after reaching to a place, we have to take care of our health, mobile phone, credit card/ATM, etc.

There are some important things which you have to carry before leaving your home for Goa:

  • Passport/Visa: It is important for those who are coming from outside India. Without visa and passport they cannot enter into India. Passport is required for Indians also. Some times your passport gets verified at the Goa airport. Thus it is very necessary to carry these along with you.
  • Copies of Travel Documents: You have to carry photocopies of every travel documents like package details, Air/Train Tickets, Travel Insurance, etc. If possible, you have to carry 2-3 photocopies of each document along with you.
  • Driving License: In Goa, you can hire bike or car to enjoy and visit different places. Thus it is very necessary to carry your driving license with you.
  • Credit card/ATM: It is very necessary to carry your credit card/ATM with you as it is not safe to carry cash with you in Goa. There are various ATM machines available there and also most of the hotels, shopping malls accept credit cards.
  • First Aid Box: Whether you are going alone or with small children, you have to carry first aid box with you including some light medicines for headache, cold or cough, dettol, cotton and many more. This helps you in case of any emergency. You have to carry some sun expert cream as day time in Goa harmed and tanned your skin.
  • Mobile Phone: Always carry mobile phone having good network by which you can contact to any one or in any other state, There are also prepaid networks available in Goa. You can apply for the same.a
  • Contact information: You have to carry a small diary or notebook with you having all the contact numbers of some of the important persons to call in case of any emergency. Before leaving home, give the information to 1-2 persons about your hotels, places you are going to visit in Goa with the contact numbers of the Hotels/Resorts you are going to stay.

Other than the above things, there are some more things to consider after reaching Goa. These are:

  • Health: It is very important to take care of your health otherwise you cannot enjoy your trip. For good health you have to be conscious about what you are eating. Try to eat boiled, grilled or fully cooked vegetables in Goa. Boiled water is also available there. If not then go for mineral water.
  • Taxi/Bus Fare: While traveling to different places in Goa you have to hire Taxi or go by bus. Thus, it is very important that you have full knowledge about the fair. They do not have fix prices so you have to bargain.
  • Children Safety: If you are going to Goa with your child, you have to be more alert. You have to take care about their food & water. There are more chances of diarrhea and rabies found in small children.
  • Do not leave credit card, passport, ATM, money, etc in hotel rooms. Place them in the hotel lockers or any other safety box provided by the hotel.
  • Avoid your skin from direct sun at the day time as it causes sun burn. Use sunscreen, comfortable clothes while moving outside during the day time.


Thus, traveling is not easy. But you can make it easy, just by taking some precautions.


Goa is the most beautiful place to visit. It is the first choice of every tourist coming from abroad or within India. It is the place where you can have sun kissed beaches, hotels, resorts, temples, churches, forts, monuments and many more. Thus, it is also termed as “Goa-Queen of Beaches”. Tourismgoa.net provides different Goa Tour Packages which includes arrival/departure, best hotels/resorts, and trip to beaches. Sightseeing, adventure trip and many more. It is the combination of all the beautiful places. There is no need to visit different places for fun & adventure. All you can get and enjoy under a single state.

 Goa is the smallest state in population. It is the perfect place to visit some beautiful sightseeing tour. Panaji is the capital of Goa. It is also one of the most charming places in India. Waterfalls, Spice farms, Coconut Trees, Forests add more beauty to this place. Best time to visit Goa is in winters. If you really want to enjoy life, 31st December is the best time to visit. At that time, People enjoy all night street parties, beach parties and many more.

We offer the best Resorts in Goa where you can enjoy the scene of beach, rising of the sun, cool blowing air. Best features to make Goa-Perfect Tourist Destination are:

  • Hotels/Resorts: Offers accommodation in cheap & best hotels depending upon your budget. The best part of these hotels is its food as Goa is famous for sea food. Luxury hotels, Deluxe hotels, Economy hotels, Budget hotels are available. Facilities like money exchange, medical, bar, laundry, room service, swimming pool, games are also available.
  • Beaches: Goa is famous for its beaches. Shopping near the Beach side is a very new experience. There are large number of small shops just near the beach selling clothes, coconut and several other items. You can also find parties, music, and dance at the night over the beach. Best part in these beaches is massage centers, gyms, swimming pools, Internet cafes, nightclubs, etc. by the beachside.
  • Churches: Goa along with its beaches is also famous for its beautiful churches. Church in Goa help people in their social life like in education, building hospitals, help people in their bad time when they have nothing to eat, no place to live. There churches are made in Doric and Tuscan styles that attract most of the visitors.
  • Water Sports: Goa offers variety of water sports like wind surfing, scuba diving, speed boats, Dinghly Sailing, swimming and many more to attract tourists. They also arrange water sport competition among the teams. Practice must be necessary to prevent themselves from small injuries.

There are two main waterfalls in Goa: Dudhsagar and Aravalam falls. Waterfalls are best to visit as the monsoons are over. Goa is also famous for its wildlife. Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the famous sanctuaries to visit.

 As a leading tourist destination, Goa offers so much to its tourists. The main tourist cities of Goa are Panaji or Panjim, Margao or Madgaon, Vasco Da Gama and Old Goa. Goa has many azure and picturesque beaches, called Anjuna, Calangute, Baga, Colva, Palolem, Candolim, Vagator and Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary.

Goa is one of the most happening places in India in terms of Honeymoon, Weekends, night-outs, etc. People from all over the world visit there to spend their holidays. There are large number of Clubs, casinos & discos. Thus, Goa is termed as Paradise for those who love and passionate about night out. As the sun sets, life begins at Goa. Now the question arises: which is the best casino or club to enjoy, where to stay, what to eat and where to go? Thus, tourismgoa.net is there for all your queries.

Tourismgoa.net provides you some special Goa Tour Packages including sight scenes, hotels, breakfast, lunch, dinner, beaches, monuments and much more. All these include within your package depending upon what you have chooses. We provide you the best hotels & resorts in Goa as we are offering luxury hotels, deluxe hotels, budget hotels, 5 star-4 star-3 star hotels. Drink & food in Goa make it more special.

There are large numbers of night clubs there. Nightlife of Goa can be enjoyed more by Foreigners & Rich Indians as every thing is costly there: from entry to exit, from snacks to drinks. You can also enjoy beach parties or born fire where you can drink, eat and dance. There is no one to stop you. But for this you have to visit in the month of Nov/Dec/Jan.There is no compulsory dress code for the entry, you can be in casuals. You can also find many Bollywood or Hollywood celebrities usually or at particular some special occasions. You can enjoy the live music, live DJ, live music bands on some particular occasions.

Goa is the best place for finest Casinos in India. If you want to try your luck you can enter in Casino. Main casinos in Goa are Casino Bar & Restaurant, Treasures Casino (Majorda Beach Resort), Renaissance Goa Resort and Casino and many more. Some casinos provide you 24hour service or some opens at mid day to late night.You can play games like poker, Roulette, Slots, Blackjack and many more. They can also serve cocktails, mock tails, snacks and hard liquor. There should be different entry charges in different pubs or discos.

 Most popular is the weekend night i.e. on Saturday night. Thus, tourismgoa.net offer some special weekend packages with some discount offers. They provide you the best Resorts in Goa. This proves to be the most memorable moment once you enter any pub or disc in Goa.

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