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Nightlife in Goa – Discs & Casinos

Posted on: June 3, 2011

Goa is one of the most happening places in India in terms of Honeymoon, Weekends, night-outs, etc. People from all over the world visit there to spend their holidays. There are large number of Clubs, casinos & discos. Thus, Goa is termed as Paradise for those who love and passionate about night out. As the sun sets, life begins at Goa. Now the question arises: which is the best casino or club to enjoy, where to stay, what to eat and where to go? Thus, tourismgoa.net is there for all your queries.

Tourismgoa.net provides you some special Goa Tour Packages including sight scenes, hotels, breakfast, lunch, dinner, beaches, monuments and much more. All these include within your package depending upon what you have chooses. We provide you the best hotels & resorts in Goa as we are offering luxury hotels, deluxe hotels, budget hotels, 5 star-4 star-3 star hotels. Drink & food in Goa make it more special.

There are large numbers of night clubs there. Nightlife of Goa can be enjoyed more by Foreigners & Rich Indians as every thing is costly there: from entry to exit, from snacks to drinks. You can also enjoy beach parties or born fire where you can drink, eat and dance. There is no one to stop you. But for this you have to visit in the month of Nov/Dec/Jan.There is no compulsory dress code for the entry, you can be in casuals. You can also find many Bollywood or Hollywood celebrities usually or at particular some special occasions. You can enjoy the live music, live DJ, live music bands on some particular occasions.

Goa is the best place for finest Casinos in India. If you want to try your luck you can enter in Casino. Main casinos in Goa are Casino Bar & Restaurant, Treasures Casino (Majorda Beach Resort), Renaissance Goa Resort and Casino and many more. Some casinos provide you 24hour service or some opens at mid day to late night.You can play games like poker, Roulette, Slots, Blackjack and many more. They can also serve cocktails, mock tails, snacks and hard liquor. There should be different entry charges in different pubs or discos.

 Most popular is the weekend night i.e. on Saturday night. Thus, tourismgoa.net offer some special weekend packages with some discount offers. They provide you the best Resorts in Goa. This proves to be the most memorable moment once you enter any pub or disc in Goa.


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