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Ruins of Old kingdoms- Goa Forts

Posted on: August 31, 2010

Goa Forts

The forts in Goa are largely a legacy of the Portuguese occupation of the land. As the conquerors led by Albuquerque sought to expand their territory, they erected massive forts at strategic locations so as to ward off hostile attacks.

Forts form an important part of the historical monuments of Goa. There are a number of forts in Goa which are the prime attractions of the state along with the variety of beaches. The forts of Goa are visited by a large number of local and foreign tourists throughout the year.

While in Goa your eyes can not escape the Portuguese connection the state holds close to its heart. When you have had enough of trance music and feni and you wish for some taste of history of goa or if you are one of those genuine history seekers then Goa has much to offer. While in Goa you cannot miss out the forts that stand mute testimony to the state’s golden past.

Aguada Fort
Fort Aguada, the largest and most well preserved fort in Goa today is the most prized and crucial fort of Portuguese. The fort is so large that it envelops the entire peninsula at the south western tip of Bardez. Situated atop the Sinquerim plateau in Bardez Taluka, overlooking the vast expanses of Arabian Sea, the fort marked a reference point of ships.

Chapora Fort
Chapora 10 K.M from Mapusa this fort is most easily reached from Vagator side of the hill. The red-laterite bastion, crowning the rock bluff, was built by the Portuguese in 1617 on the site of an earlier Muslim structure, hence the village’s name – from Shahpura, ” town of Shah” Intended as a border watch post, it fee to various Hindu raiders during the seventeenth century, before finally being deserted by the Portuguese in 1892, after the territory’s frontiers had been forced further north and the Novas Conquistas region.

Mormugao Fort
This fort near the internationally famous Marmagoa Harbour was built to protect the harbour situated near the Vasco da Gama town. Its work started in 1624. It covered an area of six miles in circumference, contained towering bulwarks, three magazines, five prisons, a chapel and quarters for the guard.

Corjuem Fort
This fort is situated 4km north of Pomburpa, alongside the Mapusa river near the village of Aldona. It was built in 1705 by the Portuguese. The fort has a rather interesting story.


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