Goa Tour Packages

Royalty at its Best- Goa Hotels

Posted on: August 20, 2010

Hotels in Goa

This young state of India never ceases to enchant visitors from India and abroad. Its hospitality, culinary delights, ancient temples, churches, monuments, folk arts and music, the scenic beauty are enough reasons for any visitor to fall in love with Goa, and reasons enough to be titled ‘the Pearl of the Orient’.

Whether it is your first visit to Goa or you toured this city several times in recent past, you would also have the similar feeling of fun and enjoyment. Indian tourism industry should be credited for this, which manages to accommodate every enthusiast so beautifully by providing excellent choice of hotels in Goa

To ensure that the travelers get an access to homely comfort combined with the elements of luxury, the hospitality division has introduced a variety of Goa hotels in both the northern and southern regions. If you have any plan to spend your vacations in the city, you can also choose from the hotels in north Goa or south Goa, respectively.

However, if you are on a budget tour to Goa, it will be better to browse through its cheap and budget hotel categories. You would come across some of the North Goa hotels near railway station. Besides, many of them are built on popular beach spots. Strategic location is the main highlight of these hotels apart from their reasonable prices. Some hotels in this range have recreational facilities and business services as well.


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