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Pearl of the Orient- Beautiful Goa

Posted on: August 20, 2010

Pearl of the Orient-Goa

Goa, a tiny emerald land, with its natural scenic beauty, attractive beaches and temples famous for its architecture, feasts and festivals and above all hospitable people with a rich cultural milieu, has an ideal tourist profile. Located along the western coast of India that was formally a Portuguese colony. Get swept away by the spectacular sunrises and sunsets, sunbathe and stroll along it’s wide and serene beaches, Goa is the place to spend a much needed holiday. Tourism in Goa thrives due to the cultural aspect of the state as well.

Goa is a small state of India but offering immense tourism opportunities to tourists. Goa with its unique charm deserves the attentions of tourists through out the entire globe. Goa is predominantly famous for its breathtaking beaches and beach tourism. It is popularly described as the beach capital of India. Tourists can enjoy several activities on breathtaking beaches of Goa. Tourists can enjoy late night parties and trance parties held on beautiful beaches. Tourists can indulge themselves in activities like sunset watching, beach volley ball, swimming, sea cruise, beach expedition, sun basking etc.

Goa Tourism has beautifully blends the legacies of its Portuguese ancestors and Indian tradition that one can only end up loving every bit of his stay in Goa. The Gothic Churches, Goa Forts, colonial buildings, temples and shrines, villages and Mediterranean hamlets all reflects the colorful and unhurried lifestyle of Goa. However, the true Goan spirit is found in its endless stretches of golden sands that house some of the world’s finest beaches.

The first full fledged tourism in Goa began with the arrival of Chartered flights to Goa. It ushered a new breed of tourists – the moneyed class who were not looking for either cheap dope or ecstasy.Moreover, Goa as a tourist destination goes beyond its beaches.  Goa has had such a chequered past that its myriad aspects keep visitors coming back for more.


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