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Is Goa carnival losing its sheen?

Posted on: August 19, 2010

Goa Carnival

Whenever I think about fun, water, delicious delicacies, sunny beaches, beautiful palm trees, magnificent locations I just missing my unforgettable trip to Goa. What a lovely place it is. In 2004 I go to Goa in February to join the world famous Goa carnival. King Momo was leading that festival. Among the many and various feasts and festivals that are celebrated in Goa, the Goa Carnival is the most colorful and joyful event.

Goa United a newly formed soccer club in the DC area has decided to recreate some of the old Goan Carnival nostalgia at their Red & Black dance party in Maryland. This event organized for the friends and families of the soccer players is open to all Goans. The event would have King Momo and his charming Queen leading a colorful parade followed by the special Carnival march, fancy dress competition and a great collection of Carnival music to have you tapping your feet all night long.

It’s a fantastic experience of mine. The locals were very humble and polite. Although there were some restrictions too but I enjoy it on its fullest. Again I get a chance to visit Goa in 2010, February in the carnival festival and I m very sad to see the festival preparations and after listening the thinking of locals about the festival. They were not as excited as they were before. They were not taking active part in the Carnival. Their inner urges were finished for the festival. People had changed their mind for the festival.

The reason is that government has not helping them to celebrate this festival. They were not giving the financial help, Proper security, basic facilities during the festival that is why the carnival has loosing its charm. These are the reasons why Goa Carnival loosing its sheen.


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