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Is Goa really a Safe Place for Tourists?

Posted on: August 17, 2010

Safe Goa for Tourists

Why anybody asks this question that if Goa is a safe destination for tourists? Now I am asking you this question that Is anyplace in the world is safe for tourists? Probably not, mishappenings can be done anywhere in the world so why anyone asking for Goa. Of course it’s a safe place for anyone. Always look on the Bright side. Don’t let other people’s comments or problems spoil the adventure for you. Crime happens all over the world, every day. Don’t get disheartened, just be aware of what is happening around you and enjoy your trip. There is good and bad everywhere.

Goa has been tormented by bad press since the shocking murder of British teenager Scarlett Keeling who was drugged and sexually assaulted before she was killed. The 15-year-old Devon teenager was found dead on a beach in Anjuna, Goa, in February and rumors of a police cover-up surrounded the case as officers initially tried to claim Scarlett had drowned. Every time you cant blame locals and the place for any mishappenings or problems. Just take special care of yourself and you are safe in any place in the world. After taking some precautions you can avoid being victim like this.

Goa is a main international tourist destination in India. About 750,000 Britons visit India each year. So always keep some right measures of precautions in your mind.dont let any situation over you just fight with that situation and win over it. Always be with right thoughts and positive essence and don’t give up your dreams. Make your mind in a straight direction and fully enjoy a memorable trip in Goa.

Special precautions during a tour:-

  • Don’t bring your valuables on the beach area. Keep it safe in Hotel’s safe.
  • Don’t buy or take drugs during a tour.
  • If you are a female then respect the locals and cover yourself properly in case of your dressing.
  • Avoid walking alone at beach area after 8pm.

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