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Posted on: August 14, 2010

Goa Beaches

The state of Goa in India, was a Portuguese colony until 1962, and is famous for its Indo-Portuguese culture and architecture. Goa’s beaches reflect its colourful mosaic of history. As you vacation in Goa and feel the soft sand beneath your feet, you’ll find that there is no place like a warm, inviting beach in Goa to make you feel at peace with the universe.

Goa is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world. A holiday makers paradise Goa,s major charm lies in its sun kissed beaches. The beaches in Goa are an amalgamation of serene beauty, excellent Goan cuisines, flea markets, and swaying palm trees. The coastline of Goa stretches over 125 kms and the beaches cover an area of 83 km.

The beaches in Goa are a major cause for the tourism of the state. Goa’s beaches are speckled with quaint little beach shacks that serve ice cold beer and spicy Goan cuisine. It is easy to find cheap accomodation in a beach resort or hotel very close to the beach in Goa.

Goa beaches can be classified into two parts- the beaches in North Goa and the beaches in South Goa. The beaches of these two regions have different characters. The beaches of Goa in the north are the more popular ones and host a lot of parties and carnivals, while the beaches of south Goa are relatively quieter, and appeal to those looking for relaxed solitude.

The beaches in north Goa stretch over a distance of 30 kilometers. The beautiful beaches are the venues of entertaining parties, carnivals and adventure sports activities.

The beaches in South Goa are an ideal destination for honeymoon couples. The beaches in South Goa are less crowded, clean, less commercialized and offer the silence and calm that is sought after by privacy seekers. Most of the resorts in South Goa offer enthralling views of the Arabian Sea and private dining restaurants by the sea shore. The beaches in South Goa are also an ideal place for long cruise rides and fishing.


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